Matte Liquid Lipstick


Long-lasting formula, beautiful shades & beautiful lips – you get it all with our lipstick, carefully made to address the issues of most matte lipsticks and make you feel incredible.


37 reviews for Matte Liquid Lipstick

  1. Nanni

    Definitely my favorite liquid lipsticks that I have used. It can get a little drying throughout your wear, but overall, a great product.

  2. Dorrie

    I wear these product when I need that extra boost for the day. Can never go wrong with this color

  3. Sharity

    Beautiful color feels nice on my lips but kind of disappointed with the lasting quality

  4. Murial

    I bought in love. Your lips will feel a bit dry, but not terrible. It does have lasting color and will stay on your lips for a long time as well!

  5. Eveleen

    I recently purchased the blessed shade and love it. I have a problem with dry lips and did not feel that this one dried them up more.

  6. Carroll

    Lighter than I thought

  7. Cherin

    I love the longevity and pigmentation of this product. However, there is a fine line of applying just the right amount and too much.

  8. Carlynn

    Not as even as I hoped, lips feel dry

  9. Corny

    Great lipstick goes on smooth and stays on forever!!

  10. Eva

    Goes on evenly, feels smooth, doesn’t feel too dry and stays put. Comfortable to wear and always looks gorgeous!

  11. Virginia

    It’s lil dry but normally matte finished are like that but still wonderful and long lasting

  12. Minnie

    I love the color glam

  13. Arlen

    My lips are usually dry and I appreciate any lipstick, especially matte liquid lipstick, that doesn’t make it seem dry. I received this as a gift and I love it. I wore it all day and it did not fade or transfer when I ate! Would get other colors and recommend.

  14. Cathi

    The formula dries super fast ans definitely stays on! My shade is Chic.

  15. Collen

    Love this liquid lipstick it lasted all day long through all my meals and still looked great by the end of the day

  16. Sibilla

    I work in a hospital and it’s hard to find something that will hang on well enough. This has become my go-to!

  17. Leland

    Great product! Stays on after eating kissin etc. But can be drying out the lips

  18. Emmi

    I love this.

  19. Janean

    Glam is lovely colour stays on longer

  20. Dorthy

    I use this lipstick everyday I am collecting all of the colors because they are gorgeous! It does not dry out my lips just perfect mate color

  21. Cybill

    I really do like this lipstick but because it is a matte finish, it will stay on longer if you use a primer underneath.

  22. Isabel

    I’m not sure if this is my favorite, go to liquid lipstick, but its pretty good. It dries a little sticky, but it’s not so bad that it’s a deal breaker & if u let it dry completely before adding additional coats it’s barely noticeable.

  23. Rheba

    I love this product, it doesn’t dry my lips or anything! would recommend this to anyone!

  24. Anastasie

    When they say intense they mean intense!! The color payoff is crazy! The color you see is the exact color you get. It’s long lasting and although it’s sticky I don’t mind it because it’s not as drying as liquid lipsticks can be

  25. Joelie

    I always get great compliments on color chance

  26. Maryl

    The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is because it tends to dry my lips, but, unlike other brands or similar products, this one is easily refreshed with a hint of gloss or chapstick without clumping or fading. It lasts twelve hours, including a heavy workout.

  27. Arliene

    This lipstick really has staying power, it will last all day and then it needs removing with make-up wipes. It is best applied by doing the outline first using a magnifying mirror; it is unforgiving of mistakes, and then applying the rest. It is a solid, matte colour which doesnt transfer easily to cups and glasses. I love my colour – Confidence.

  28. Patsy

    If you like matted lippies and long wear, then this is the product for you. It may not go well on dry lips but a little bit of moisturizer before application will help. I picked the color ‘Glam’ and its a wonderful nude.

  29. Jobi

    Love it, long lasting.

  30. Prudence

    This stuff stays on forever! After 5 hrs out with friends, it was still going strong. Didn’t come off on my coffee cup or when I ate. Didn’t even come off when I tried to wash it off. I had to use makeup remover to get it completely off! Would have given it 5 stars but my lips were pretty dry the next day when I wore it again. But that could have been due to scrubbing it off the night before.

  31. Charin

    I love the application of this product. It goes on like a mousse and stays all day without making my lips feel cracked or super dry

  32. Roselle

    I love it!!! My fav!!!

  33. Kathlin

    Great for work. Inner lip fades from moister or eating. I prefer this brand to any others that I own.

  34. Rosemonde

    Use with a regular lipstick on top so it does not look dry. Moisturize your lips very well before applying it.

  35. Willamina


  36. Belle

    I love these lipsticks! I have ‘Good karma’ and it’s a perfect nude for everyday wear or for special occasions. The formula is great! It’s not clumpy or drying.

  37. Henrietta

    At first didnt want to order this because i thought it being liquid lipstick I would have to reapply for the color to last but this is an amazing product!!! I didnt have to reapply at all! And if at the end of your night you want to remove it it will easily come off with a make up remover. Will definitely order more liquid lipsticks.

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