Glow Booster

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This one of a kind multi-use brilliant mist starring roses and super-fruits effectively hydrates and nourishes the skin while giving you phenomenal glow wherever whenever! Contains more than 500 spritzes!

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Light weight brilliant mist with fast absorbing formula. Watery-Essence like feeling that layers beautifully with other products. Smooth dewy finish alongside graceful scent of roses.




61 reviews for Glow Booster

  1. Kathlin

    I spray the fixing mist after I apply my makeup and it stays put all day long, it also helps my skin feel hydrated and refreshed.

  2. Willamina

    Feels amaxing!

  3. Dorthy

    So far, so good. This product sets my makeup pretty well without making me look super shiny.

  4. Caro

    I love the product it’s super hydrating its amazing for dry skin and it does a good job locking down all the makeup but it’s not that good of priming. A great setting spray and a hydrating product would recommend again!

  5. Dorrie

    This spray is exactly what I need for lasting power!

  6. Ansley

    Nice mist not sure what it does tho lol

  7. Collen

    I like this product very much, it does set the make up in place for hours!

  8. Corny

    Had a meltdown during finals week and my makeup still didn’t smudge after all the tears. A+

  9. Eveleen

    My go to setting spray. The scent is everything. Smells AMAZING

  10. Eva

    I love because refresh my face and extending the makeup

  11. Sarah

    I was so excited for this mist because I run from work to yoga and, while I don’t wear a ton of makeup, I do wear some. I was hoping this mist would help my makeup last a bit longer and not sweat off, but it was too heavy and left my face feeling like I had piled the makeup on. It’s just not for me

  12. Arlen

    Such an awesome product! Smells great and works well.

  13. Pier

    I have super sensitive skin so I didn’t think this product would work for me but I have been using it for a week and it works great and smells refreshing to.

  14. Evonne

    not a bad product but I simply never remember to use it

  15. Emmi

    I recently started using this line of products and my face ( after just one use ) significant improved. You can spray as a toner, you can use to set makeup, and you can even spray in hair! Smells great.

  16. Rheba

    I will never go back to anything else after using this setting spray. I work 12-13 hour days and I need my makeup to stay on. This spray keeps my skin hydrated with a dewy and natural complexion. I used to use Urban Decay’s All Nighter but it didn’t last as long as this one. Plus Glow Booster smells wonderful!

  17. Emelia

    Really enjoying using this. Nice and hydrating before makeup

  18. Joelie

    Does everything it says it will.

  19. Blanche

    The delivery was fast. The spray is nice on the skin and it gives a fresh sensation. I would give it 5 stars if it was a better moisturizer. It made my skin a little dry

  20. Patsy

    Used this product multiple times and I love it! Don’t spray it on before you put on powder products.

  21. Roselle

    So light and refreshing , smells great I absolutely love it!

  22. Rose

    My everyday product. helps my makeup stay on longer, and hydrates my face. I use this morning day and night. and it smells like roses and its rose water.

  23. Zaneta

    Not sure this does anything for me. Its kind of fun to spray your face though. Smells nice

  24. Lissa

    Has my glowing ALL DAY….

  25. Belle

    I was using the Elcie cosmetics hydra enhancer setting spray and had gone through 3 bottles…tried this once and I’m hooked. Very refreshing.

  26. Henrietta

    Love this product. It smells great, feels light on the skin and hydrates my face while priming and refreshing. Also keeps it on all day!

  27. Shoshanna

    Very refreshing and loved the smell. Smell does not stay around for long so I don’t have to be concerned about the scent while at work (scents not allowed).

  28. Gratia

    I use it as a refresher, not with makeup. It is nice and has a lovely floral scent. Not too strong, but relaxing. offers a nice burst of cool to your skin. Does not cause my skin to dry out or anything else negative. Has had a minimal, but mentionable, effect on reducing redness from psoriasis

  29. Gertrudis

    very refreshing and hydraiting

  30. Aundrea

    I absolutely love this setting spray!!!I never gonna change it

  31. Anissa

    Leaves a lovely glow

  32. Amargo

    lovely refreshing spray, moisturises my skin perfectly

  33. Pietra

    Included this facial spray in a spa themed birthday gift for my sister. I personally have not used this product but my sis has had nothing but positive comments about it. She is a big fan of anything containing aloe so that definitely makes this facial spray a plus.

  34. Mercedes

    Its ok I havent seen great difference in my skin have been using it for more than a month

  35. Bertina

    The spray is a nice refreshment for your skin in the middle of the day or in the morning, however I did not see any noticeable differences in my skin after using it (I have used up the whole product now). However, I have naturally quite healthy looking skin so perhaps the spray would be more affective for people suffering from acne etc.

  36. Stella

    If I could give this product 10 stars, I would!!! This has become an essential part of my daily skin care and make up routine. After applying makeup, it works great as a finisher if you love having that dewy glow. It also works amazingly as a final step in your skin care routine after applying moisturizer. It really helps to lock in moisture. Use it as a refresher thruout the day. I promise that you will not be disappointed!!!

  37. Bamby

    I love this! Moisturizing and refreshing at the same time! I use it after taking my makeup off in the evening and just love it.

  38. Wallis

    Great refresher after you put your make up. Makes your skin look dewy.

  39. Roza

    My favorite new mist. I have tried so many different types and this so far as surpassed all of them. The mister is soft and sprays evenly and the scent is very light to minimal. I use it all the time and last quiet awhile.

  40. Jessalyn

    This stuff feels amazing. I believe it works too!

  41. Leonore

    Use it as a primer/refresher/makeup setting spray. Really nice and refreshing and not overly floral in scent which is lovely.

  42. Jaclin

    It is very hydrating, it makes my skin feel soft.

  43. Nicole

    Yes! i gave 5 stars, and let me tell you! this is way better than what i expected! its not like other facial sprays. It doesn’t disrupt my makeup or break me out.very much satisfied with product and fast shipping!!

  44. Karena

    This product is amazing. I love spraying my face with it to add moisture throughout the day. I suffer with naturally dry skin on my face, and this product gives my face that extra moisture that it needs. Its so easy and convenient to spray rather than rub lotion over my makeup. It doesnt affect my makeup when I spray this product over it. I would rate this item 10/10 and would recommend it to everyone!

  45. Vinita

    Good spray,comfort lovely smell

  46. Irene

    This spray has a light, rosy fragrance, and gives a nice boost of moisture when needed. I apply a few spritzes after getting out of the shower, after I’ve applied my makeup, and before bed. Spray does not stain clothes, and does not leave a sticky residue on surfaces.

  47. Austin

    Arrived as arranged.

  48. Zilvia

    I’ve been primarily using it at the office for the past several weeks, and I like it. Great product with quality ingredients at a good price. It smells nice, not too heavy, and perfect for office daytime use for a nice boost during break time. As we age, the skin can use the additional vitamins and this product helps in a convenient way.

  49. Amelita

    Lovely 🙂 But it runs out real quick. To be honest I don’t know if this makes that big of a difference but it sure be luxurious. Most of the time I just hold the spray bottle in front of my friends’ faces and scream, “SELF-CARE” until they accept a spray

  50. Merilyn

    I love this facial spray! It’s so refreshing! I’ve made it part of my daily skin routine. I will say I hate how it smells. If you don’t like roses then you will hate the smell. I just deal with the smell bc it feels so great on my face.

  51. Abbey

    Bought for my daughter for her birthday. She loves it and commented on how smooth her face was after using it. Will be ordering again.

  52. Jasmin

    All other facial mists I have previously used felt as they are mostly watered-down. But this mist feels very refreshing and keep my dry skin moisturized for longer period. Most of all, I can safely use it knowing its ingredients. Highly recommend it.

  53. Lurleen

    I use this on my face, neck and chest. I also spray it all over my legs after shaving. And a few weeks ago, when my legs got a bit too much sun, I sprayed this on to soothe the burn. It was so much better to spray on something nice as opposed to rubbing lotion on skin that was already irritated.

  54. Herminia

    Love this spray on my face. Like the thought of the botanicals in it. I have allergies to some products, but not this one! Would recommend.

  55. Bonnie

    Nice and refreshing, very light and doesn’t disturb makeup, which is wonderful. If you need a more moisturizing spritz, this isn’t it. Definitely has a strong smell of roses.

  56. Nicolea

    Lovely light face spray with a beautiful scent. Used to hydrate my face during the day o er makeup. Not sure if it has made a difference but it definitely makes my skin feel better.

  57. Gloriane

    I use this stuff as a setting spray. I havent noticed anything miraculous happening to my skin, but it leaves me feeling refreshed.

  58. Jena

    After two days of use, my skin definitely feels brighter! I have dry skin, so spraying this mist before my makeup has helped everything feel better and look fantastic!

  59. Merna

    After a shower my skin is usually really dry so I wanted to try this spray and I find it really soothing and refreshing. I spray it on my face straight away after my shower and I love the feeling. I like to spray it anytime I need to feel refreshed and it works perfectly fine for me. The smell isn’t too strong which I appreciate too.

  60. Carma

    This has become a staple of my skin care! I am on my second bottle and will buy my third before it turns out. I spray this on before my moisturizer and rub them into my skin together. I don’t like it as a setting spray because I’m used to an actual spray that holds on makeup though. Even my husband uses this for his dry skin. I’m even comfortable letting my 3 year old use this occasionally. I strongly recommend to any skin type!!

  61. Aubrie

    Lovely spray. Good for sensitive skin. Lightly moisturizing and cooling. Mist is not super- fine nor is it consistent all the time but i honestly don’t care about that. I use this every day after i wash my face and apply my gel- cream hydration. My skin is DEFINITELY thanking me.

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Aqua, Glycerin, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Planktonic exopolysaccharide 3, Phenetyl alcohol Xylitylglucoside,Anhydroxylitol, Xylitol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Rubus Fruti Cosus.Vaccinium Angusti Folium,Dubus Idaeus, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Polysorbate 20,Mica,Titanium Dioxide, Carmine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

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